It Is Time…

I have mentioned to several friends over the years that US Corporations should take an aggressive stance in cleaning up the mess and corruption in Washington DC.  Corporations are huge, powerful, and command tremendous resources.  But no one, executive, or board member, takes a stance and makes the case for making the change and cleaning up the swamp.  The government beats them mercilessly, regulating and controlling many of their policies, practices, and financial operations*. But, maybe it is time corporations return the beating!

Here’s an opinion that suggests that it is time!,%202022&leadId=754620&mkt_tok=NjEwLUxFRS04NzIAAAGH0f7gaGgcQAed_txjScjW1c4qmlALf4aU3pBpywxyjAIJG8QbE_AYDqUn9yrNmKKqfwvxctNR2sGQiSVEGxIL9E-TGlrinrzQHdJk8Q

I happen to think the corporations have as much riding on having an honest, transparent government as the USA’s citizenry.

***** S&E *****

*Corporations have in some cases caused that.

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