After years of questions about his experience in Viet Nam, my friend wrote a single-spaced, four-page letter to his wife and two daughters. It, as one might imagine, documented his awful, horrifying, mind-numbing experience during his tour of duty in VN.

His wife shared his letter with me. Here’s is my response to her:

What more can I say except that it was an awful waste of human life, many people in the country didn’t support the cause and therefore the troops upon return.  As you know my brother was in the infantry in VN, came back damaged in many ways, wouldn’t take any professional help, drug and anger problems, and finally offed his wife and himself.  I was in Korea when he was in VN.

Today the government is quick to send troops into war despite the fact that most of those countries don’t give a damn about the USA.   So back come body bags and badly injured (physically, mentally) kids/young men.  Then, it takes private organizations, like the “Wounded Warrior Project”, to help them through all their challenges, as the government does not. But there is endless money for wars! Something is radically wrong with that picture!

I think when Congress and the Pentagon decide to send troops into war or war zones, those losers from Congress and the Pentagon should be sent first. 

What the hell have we gotten out of decades of war in the middle east.  They are still fighting, they hate each other, and organizations of terrorists yet have footholds.  Had we not stuck our nose into their business there may not have been a 9/11.

And I don’t think the president should, unilaterally, have the power to commit the country and troops to war.  If Congress had to approve, they’d never agree and we would never have to go to war.

(to my friend’s wife) Sorry for going on like this… sure do miss my good friend… thanks for sharing…

For the record, in the early 2000,s I travelled to, worked and lived in the Asia Pacific Region. Work and vacation took me to many Asian countries. Viet Nam was one.

Viet Nam is a growing, fascinating country, with friendly, welcoming people, and an awesome culture.

***** S&E *****

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